Input – Output

Input – Output

The planning and development department is ready to help you to install the Input Output system which is now necessary and obligatory in all petrol stations. The progress of the company in this field is significant, after it’s being certified for installation of these systems.

ERGOTEK TERTSIS S.A. has the expertise, staff and partners to install the system. The integrated system has an automatic version of/for sales receipts and easy to use features where the user can easily see all the work. The future of petrol station automation is here.

ERGOTEK TERTSIS S.A.SA is authorized by the Ministry of Development General Secretary of Commerce for installing the Input Output system and for tanks sealing. Authorization No. 002 / 29.07.11

The INPUT OUTPUT operating system includes:

Pump Management System:
SingularLogic Station Manager
Volumetric Control System of tank stock with dipsticks
Fuel sales management systems and mini market
Auto fuel Terminal Systems (OPT/outdoor payment terminal)
Billing System at road tanker
Vehicle Fleet Management System
Pumps user coding system RFL-200
Monitoring and registration system for the station area (CCTV surveillance)
Remote surveillance and management system of the petrol station
Electronic supervision System of fuel transfer by road tankers
Business accounting applications for monitoring the account books of the petrol station

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